Rainy Day Program

If you’re like many retirees, even after your income needs have been met and you have a ready reserve account in case there’s emergency, you probably still have money left over.

What are you going to do with it?

  • Give it to loved ones?
  • Donate it to charity?
  • Save it for a rainy day?

Why not all three? There are ways to position this money in the marketplace so that it can be kept safe, accessible and have the opportunity to grow to help you better prepare for this rainy day.

Some of the rainiest days we’ll see are due to poor health – what happens if you become ill, not just for a few days, but for always? What do you do if, like many Americans, long-term care insurance is too expensive to be an option?

This isn’t just A rainy day, this is THE rainy day, and you need the right umbrella because you never know when a storm may hit and you will need more protection.

Family and health are two things you can’t put a price on but would probably do anything to protect. If you find yourself with money left over after you’ve created your retirement income plan, it’s time to discuss how you can best leverage it.

No one can control when a rainy day will happen. But, you can control how much coverage your umbrella provides by creating your complimentary account to watch our educational video and downloading your retirement income toolkit.

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